Here you can find anwers to all your escape room questions. If you question is not answered here, please contact us at info@exitcenter.fi !

Escape room is a new kind of fun and exciting live game experience for groups. In the escape room, you and your team have 60 minutes to escape by solving the riddle of the room.

Escape rooms are suited to many kinds of people, friends, families, couples, work groups. In the game you will feel excitement, joy of discovery and feeling of success. Your escape depends only on yourself!

Solving the room requires logical deduction ability, common sense, team work and communication skills and creativity. No special skills are required, neither is there a to need to climb or to use physical force.

Follow these steps:

1) Book a game for your group of 2-5 persons online here.
2) Arrive at least 15 minutes before your booking at Mannilantie 41 Järvenpää.
3) The game master will greet you and brief you about the game.
4) You are guided to the room and the door will be shut behind you.
5) In the room you must solve the mystery and the problems to escape.
6) During the game you will receive hints, if necessary.
7) If you havent managed to exit before, after 60 minutes the door will open.
8) Get relaxed after the game, take some photographs if you wish.

In the game your team is shut in a specially constructed escape room. You have 60 minutes to solve the problems and escape the room.

The games can be arranged outside the regular hours as agreed. For details, please contact info@exitcenter.fi

The rooms are designed for 2 – 6 players. Best experience with 3 – 5 players.

Escape rooms are best suited to adult players. Younger persons (from 13 years) can also participate, as long as one person in the group is at least 16.

The price depends on time of the week for reservation and the group size. See the details here.

ExitCenter.fi is located in the very center of Järvenpää. Access is from the street via dedicated entrance. Details here.

The games are available in Finnish and English. All the game contents are bilingual. The hints are also available in both languages.

Normal clothing is sufficient, but you can dress as you wish as long as it is somewhat practical. There is no danger of getting dirty or wet in the room.

The group must arrive 15 minutes prior to the starting time of the game. The game will start on schedule.

Yes, for more information, see here.

The games are not recommended for persons that find it diffucult to be in closed spaces. However, the games comprise of normal sized rooms with out any tight spaces. You can always leave the room immediately by using the emergency key.

Playing an escape rooms is perfectly safe. It is comparable to being in a normal room with furniture. There is no need to climb or use physical force. The gamemaster monitors the room constantly via video and audio. You can always leave the room immediately at any time.

Yes, the game can be tailored to include an object or a message of your choosing, for example a birthday present. Please contact info@exitcenter.fi with your idea and let’s make your game a unique experience!

In you have any more questions, please contact us! You can reach us via email at info@exitcenter.fi  or by phone at +358 50 410 1860. (By phone we are best able to serve during weekdays 11 a.m – 5 p.m.)

General guidelines for players

- Arrive at least 15 minutes before you booking

- No mobile phones or other communication devices are allowed in the room

- No photography in the game rooms.

- Alcohol and other refreshments are best suited for the time after a game. No beverages in the game rooms

- Each participant is responsible for their own accident insurance.