Here you can find answers to all your escape room questions. If you question is not answered here, please contact us at [email protected]

In the game your team is shut in a specially constructed escape room. You have 60 minutes to solve the problems and escape the room.

Printed gift cards can be purchased from ExitCenter on Mannilantie 41, Järvenpää. Visiting hours must be agreed separately (050 410 1860).

Electronic gift cards can be purchased from our webshop:

The gift card is valid for 9 months and the minimum value is always 40 €. You can find our price list here.

1) Book the desired playing time for your group (2-5 people). Check our booking calendar for available times.
2) Arrive at Mannilantie 41 in Järvenpää approximately 15 minutes before your scheduled time.
3) The receptionist will welcome you and tell you everything you need about the game.
4) You are directed to the game room and the door is closed.
5) You have to solve the room puzzles to escape.
6) During the game you will get tips if necessary.
7) If you do not solve the puzzles in time and get out of the room in 60 minutes, the door will open.

The games are designed for 2-6 players. The game is at its best in a group of 3-5 players.

The games are available in Finnish and English. All the game contents are bilingual. The hints are available in both languages as well.

The price depends on the time of booking and the size of the game group. See the Price List for details.

ExitCenter is located in the center of Järvenpää. Access is from the street and the premises have their own front door.

Game times can be agreed upon outside the reservation calendar. Contact [email protected]

The games are not recommended for persons that find it difficult to be in closed spaces. However, the games are built in normal sized rooms without any compact or tight spaces. You can always leave the room immediately by using the emergency key.

Yes, the disabled can play ExitCenter escape games.

Our game center is located at street level and there are no stairs at the entrance. Our public spaces, as well as our sanitary facilities, are well adapted for people with reduced mobility. Our games rooms are almost completely handicapped accessible, with a few exceptions.

Upon request, we can hide a message or item you want in the game. This can be for example a birthday present. Contact [email protected] and share your ideas to make your game a unique experience!

The escape room game is best suited for adult players, the recommended age limit is 15. Everyone over 13 can participate, but at least one player must be of legal age. Children 16 and older can play without an adult.

Normal clothing is sufficient, but you can dress as you wish as long as it is somewhat practical. There is no danger of getting dirty or wet in the room.

The game team must arrive 15 minutes before the start of the game. The game starts precisely at the booked time.

Playing an escape room is perfectly safe. It is comparable to being in a normal room with furniture. There is no need to climb or use physical force. The Game Master monitors the room constantly via video and audio. You can always leave the room immediately at any time.

General guidelines for players

- Avoid bringing extra carry-ons to ExitCenter.

- Arrive at the Exitcenter no later than 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

- Do not take photos or video during the game.

- The game fee is paid before the game by debit or credit card payment or cash. (We have VISA and MasterCard cards.) Smartum, Edenred, ePass and Eazybreak cultural payment methods are also available.

- Enjoy alcoholic drinks and other refreshments only after the game. You may bring your own bottle of water into the game facilities.

- Each participant is responsible for their own accident insurance.